Best Rehab Centers For Women That Accept Insurance


What Is A Women Only Rehab Center?

A women only rehab center is a specialized treatment facility that caters specifically to the needs of female individuals suffering from addiction and substance abuse issues. These centers are designed to provide comprehensive care in a safe and comfortable environment, free from the distraction of men or other influences that could be detrimental to recovery.

Women-only rehab centers often employ a holistic approach to treatment, incorporating both traditional and alternative therapies. This often includes individual counseling and group therapy, as well as activities such as yoga, art therapy, and music therapy. In addition, women-only rehab centers may also offer educational opportunities aimed at helping patients develop skills that will assist in their recovery following discharge from the facility.

Women-only rehab centers provide a supportive community for women in recovery. This can help to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, which are common challenges for those dealing with substance abuse. The staff members at these facilities often have specialized training and understand how addiction affects the female body and mind differently than men. As such, they are better equipped to provide personalized, gender-specific care that is tailored to the unique needs of their female patients.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab Centers For Women?

Yes, insurance typically covers rehab centers for women. Depending on the type of insurance plan a person has, coverage may include inpatient or outpatient services at approved rehabilitation centers. Some policies may provide full coverage for residential treatment programs, while others may only cover certain services. Generally speaking, health insurance companies recognize the importance of addiction treatment and often provide coverage for this type of care.

It is important to note that while insurance often covers rehab centers for women, there may still be some out-of-pocket expenses associated with the treatment. This includes any deductibles or copays that are required by a person’s health insurance policy. Additionally, some services may not be covered at all by insurance, such as certain medication-assisted treatments or services provided at luxury rehab centers.

Top Rated Rehab Centers For Women That Accepts Insurance

When it comes to rehab centers for women, there are many options depending on a variety of factors such as location, cost and insurance plans accepted. Here is a list of the top 10 rehab centers for women that accept insurance in the United States.

  1. Phoenix House – The Phoenix House provides gender-specific care and evidence-based treatment programs to help women struggling with substance abuse issues. Their women’s programs feature gender-responsive treatment which addresses issues that are unique to females’ experiences with addiction and recovery. This program accepts most major insurance plans.
  2. Caron Treatment Centers – These centers provide high quality, individualized care for women struggling with addiction, PTSD and other issues related to substance abuse. Caron also offers residential and outpatient programs, as well as family counseling services for those whose loved ones have been affected by addiction. All major insurance plans are accepted at these centers.
  3. New Beginnings Treatment Center – This facility offers holistic addiction treatment programs specifically tailored to the needs of female patients who require residential care or medical detoxification services in order to recover from their addictions successfully. They accept most major health insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid coverage options.
  4. Cornerstone of Recovery – Located in Tennessee, this center offers gender-specific programming that helps women learn how to manage emotions while rebuilding relationships and addressing underlying trauma associated with addiction issues. Most major health insurance providers are accepted at this facility including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna and Cigna among others.
  5. Turning Point of Tampa – This Florida based facility offers a full continuum of care for women suffering from substance abuse issues through their residential treatment program that is tailored towards helping them develop life skills needed for long term sobriety success after their stay at the center is completed. Most major insurance providers are accepted including Medicare coverage plans too.
  6. Amethyst Recovery Center – This center specializes in providing evidence based treatment exclusively for adult females who suffer from chemical dependency or dual diagnosis disorders such as depression or anxiety which may have contributed to their substance use problems initially. This facility accepts all PPO insurances, HMO insurances, Medicaid, Medicare, Cash Pay clients etc.
  7. Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center: Located in Illinois, Timberline Knolls is a rehab center for women that offers comprehensive treatment for substance abuse and eating disorders. They accept insurance from a variety of providers, including Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare.
  8. Alta Mira Recovery Programs – Located in California, this center provides intensive gender – specific services through their Residential Treatment Program ( RTP ) which includes individualized therapy sessions along with recreational activities and even equine assisted therapy sessions. Insurance plans like Aetna, Anthem BCBS, Beacon Health Options ( MHN ), United Behavioral Health ( UBH ) etc . are all accepted here.
  9. The Meadows: Located in Arizona, The Meadows is a rehab center for women that provides treatment for a variety of issues, including substance abuse, trauma, and eating disorders. They accept insurance from most major providers, including Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare.
  10. The Oaks at La Paloma – Also based in California , The Oaks specializes in providing personalized treatment programs designed specifically for adult female clients who have encountered multiple episodes with relapse during prior attempts at recovery from substance abuse disorder. Insurance providers like Humana, Tricare & Medicare Plans etc. are all accepted here at The Oaks too!
  11. La Hacienda Treatment Center – This Texas based facility provides comprehensive evidence based residential treatment program exclusively tailored towards treating female patients struggling with co – occurring disorders or addictions accompanied by mental health illnesses such as depression or an eating disorder etc. Accepted Insurance Providers include Blue Cross / Blue Shield ( BCBS ), Cigna, United Healthcare ( UHC ) & Aetna just to name a few!
  12. Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab: Located in California, Duffy’s is a rehab center for women that provides treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. They accept insurance from most major providers, including Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare.
  13. Skyland Trail: Skyland Trail is a rehab center in Georgia that offers treatment for women with mood and anxiety disorders, as well as co-occurring substance abuse issues. They accept insurance from many providers, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and UnitedHealthcare.
  14. Clarity Way: Clarity Way is a rehab center in Pennsylvania that provides treatment for women with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. They accept insurance from a variety of providers, including Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare.
  15. AWARE Recovery Care – Based out of Connecticut , AWARE offers an individualized clinical concierge service that helps connect clients looking for help recovering from drug & alcohol addictions with board certified clinicians & doctors who specialize in treating Dual Diagnosis disorders along with Addiction Medicine specialists who can ensure successful outcomes through personalized recovery plans. They accept most private health insurances like Anthem BCBS, ConnectiCare & United Healthcare ( UHC ) amongst many others!

Different Types of Women Only Rehab Programs That May Be Covered By Health Insurance

There are several types of women-only rehab programs that may be covered by health insurance, including:

  • Inpatient rehab programs: These are residential treatment programs that offer 24-hour care and support. Women can receive individual and group therapy, medical care, and other services in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Outpatient rehab programs: These programs allow women to receive treatment while still living at home. They may attend therapy sessions and other services during the day or evening, and return home at night.
  • Dual diagnosis programs: These programs are designed for women who have a substance abuse problem as well as a mental health disorder, such as depression or anxiety. They offer integrated treatment for both conditions.
  • Holistic rehab programs: These programs take a whole-person approach to treatment, addressing not only the addiction but also physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Women may receive therapies such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture.
  • 12-step programs: These programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), are based on the principles of peer support, accountability, and spiritual growth. Women attend meetings with other women who are in recovery from addiction.
  • Faith-based programs: These programs incorporate religious or spiritual beliefs into the recovery process. They may include Bible studies, prayer, and worship services.
  • Sober living homes: These are residential facilities where women can live in a supportive, drug-free environment while they continue their recovery. They often have rules and guidelines that residents must follow, such as curfews and drug testing.

It’s important to note that the specific types of women-only rehab programs that are covered by health insurance may vary depending on the individual’s insurance plan and the rehab center. It’s always a good idea to check with the rehab center and your insurance provider to determine what types of treatment are covered.

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